ODDKO – Kitty Girl

Kitty Girl is a song about girls who rely on their looks to take advantage of others. Many young people don’t consider that beauty fades over time. This song’s ambition is to push people to be more than their physical appearance, working on growing intellectually and trying to be a better person.


Produced by Void N’ Disorder https://voidndisorder.com
Director: Giovanni Bucci (ODDKO)
Executive Producer: Giovanni Bucci / Paola Rocchetti
Art Director: Giovanni Bucci / Paola Rocchetti
Editing: Giovanni Bucci
Cinematography: Nicola Raggi, Giovanni Bucci
Compositing: Giovanni Bucci
3D: Giovanni Bucci / Paola Rocchetti
Colorist: Giovanni Bucci
Styling: Paola Rocchetti and Simona Martini
Makeup: Paola Rocchetti


Giovanni Bucci
Simona Martini
Gideon Obsidian
Jason Allen Murray Morgan
Vik Kovacs
Arianna Ilardi
Fabrizia Pandimiglio


Majesty Black, Mother of London, Rob Romano, Laboratorio Pieroni.