DISOBEY, music video directed by Giovanni Bucci, explores themes of Man vs. Machine, of Nature vs. Technology, and paints the Goddess Hekate as a 21st Century nightmare, ensnaring victims and bending them to her will. Read more below the “Making of Disobey”.
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Below is a behind the scenes for “Disobey”

ODDKO – Disobey

Based on a carefully planned animatic and mastering precise and dynamic 3D camera movements, Gio went to great lengths to ensure that every moment of the video was seamlessly integrated with its sound. Focusing on each character and location, Paola Rocchetti’s discerning taste and natural flair for makeup and styling was a key element curating the aesthetic of the video. With contributions from Dead Lotus Couture (London), Mother of London (LA), Majesty Black (LA), Pieroni Lab (Rome), Oscar-winning makeup artist Manlio Rocchetti (1943-2017), and Oscar-winning 3D artist Stefano Dubay, Gio and Paola successfully brought their vision to life.

ODDKO is a music project created by musician and award-winning video director Giovanni Bucci. It’s the fruit of Gio’s eclectic tastes and his desire to make a vibrant new multifaceted work of art.

While easily enjoyed as a breathtaking journey through a singular dystopia, the video rewards multiple viewings with layer after layer of intricate detail. Beyond the striking visuals, there is a mythic story in the fabric of DISOBEY, a primal call to action, and a warning against deliberate manipulation of oblivious consumers.



Produced by: Void n’ Disorder
Giovanni Bucci: Director / Creative Director / Art Direction / Design / Executive Producer
Paola Rocchetti: Art Direction / Design / Styling / Makeup / Executive Producer

Director of Photography: Giovanni Bucci, Dave Tavanti
Director of Photography for Hekate: Giovanni Bucci, Marta Petrucci
Cinematographer: Giovanni Bucci
Assistant camera operator: Nicolò Baronci

Editor: Giovanni Bucci
3D environment development: Giovanni Bucci, Paola Rocchetti, Stefano Dubay, Alessandro Anzola, Alessandro Chironna, Federico Albanese, Samuele Cisternino
3D animation: Giovanni Bucci
Texture TD: Hoang Anh Nguyen
3D Lighting: Giovanni Bucci, Hoang Anh Nguyen
Shader development, render TD: Duy Do Le
3D modeling: Stefano Dubay, Hong Nhung Nguyen, Limkuk
Olive tree 3D scan by Carlo Jongen
3D tracking: Hadi Pourkerman
Compositing: Giovanni Bucci
Colorist: Giovanni Bucci
Costume design and styling: Paola Rocchetti
On set costume assistant: Flavia FG Tomassi, Marta Petrucci
Key Make-Up: Paola Rocchetti
Additional Make-Up:  Flavia FG Tomassi for Paola Rocchetti as Hekate
Assistant Make-Up:  Marta Petrucci
Special FX supervisor: Manlio Rocchetti
Special FX assistant: Gabriele Catania
Sculptors: Francescaromana Di Nunzio, Massimiliano Catalano

Oddko: Giovanni Bucci
Hekate: Paola Rocchetti
Skull cat girl: Arianna Ilardi
Girl on black background: Selena Tavanti
Guy in distressed room: Sergio Scargetta
Guy in jungle room: Dave Tavanti
Lab test doctor: Rosa Bucci
Priest: Bruno Bucci
Percussionist: Nicolò Baronci
Voiceover: Colin de Andrade

Disobey is written and performed by Giovanni Bucci
Music arrangement: Daniele Marinelli, Rob Romano
Drums: Francesco Paoli
Bass: Dave Tavanti
Guitar: Giovanni Bucci, Rob Romano
Sound engineer: Rob Romano
Mastering: Howie Weinberg

Green screen scenes filmed at Strani Rumori Studio in Pigge (PG), Italy
On location scenes filmed in Cordigliano (PG), Italy

STRANI RUMORI STUDIO and LUCA SCOTA who provided the majority of the equipment and who believed in and supported us from the beginning.
Thank you Luca!

Joshua David at Majesty Black, Mildred at Mother of London, Nange Magro at Dead Lotus Couture, Alessia Bassani, Paressi Presone Labitan, Rocchetti & Rocchetti, Manuela Caredda, Luana Inguscio, Roberta Chielli, Alessandro Catalano, Emanuela Familiari, Luigi Rocchetti, Fabrizia Pandimiglio and her black cello, Laura Aschieri, Bartek Truszkowski, Felix Manley and Sasha Bruml at E8 Make 3D Printing, David Torno, Nando Adiletta, Cane Cane, Ezequiel Grand, Mert Kızılay, Ed Boldero, Alessandra Rocchetti, Kate Bestic, Valentina Trentini, Jake Maymudes, Veronika Coassolo, Mike Lipscombe, George Murillo, Carlos De Faria, Isabel Moura, Laura Fallace, Sara Lazzaro, Alessio Brunozzi, Monina Bucci, Stefano Spiganti, Francesco Ferrini, Cristiano Peverini, Carlo Primieri at Primieri Hair, Heather Henry, Demobaza, United Nude.


2019 – LA Music Video Awards
Best Metal Video
Best Horror Video
Nomination – Visually Stunning

2019 – Telly Awards
Silver Telly Winner: Art Direction
Bronze Telly Winner: Music Video

2019 – Rome Prisma festival – Italy
Best Music Video February 2019

2019 – Williamsburg International Film & Music Competition
Best Music Video

2019 – Filmchilla
Best Music Video


2019 – Shriekfest Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festival (Finalist)
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Los Angeles CineFest (Semi-Finalist)
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Indie Visions Film Festival (Finalist)
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Los Angeles Fashion Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Indie Horror Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – SciFi Miami Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Indie Visions Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

Online Festival Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Pune Short Film Festival – India
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – American Horror Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Erotic&Bizarre Art Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – British Horror Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – CLIPPED Music Video Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – FEAR NYC Horror Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – Goa Short Film Festival
Official Selection – Music Video

2019 – International Music Video Underground
Official Selection – Music Video