ODDKO “Censorship” | The Concept

Governments and individuals alike tend to censor content that does not align with their beliefs or preferences. The song exposes the double standard surrounding nudity and violent content, where female nipples are often considered scandalous (while male nipples are deemed acceptable for some inexplicable reason), yet violence is frequently treated with leniency.

ODDKO is renowned not only for their music, but also for creating exceptional music videos and for this one VND combined live action with powerful 3D animations and glitchy graphics.



Produced by Void n’ Disorder

Giovanni Bucci
Director / Creative Director / Art Direction

Executive Producer: Giovanni Bucci, Paola Rocchetti
Cinematographer: Jacob Alvarado, Giovanni Bucci

Editor: Giovanni Bucci
3D: Ignis Santander @ignis.santander
Motion Designer: Giovanni Bucci
Compositing: Giovanni Bucci
Colorist: Giovanni Bucci

Costumes: all cast wears their own creations
Makeup Ddesign and Styling for ODDKO: Paola Rocchetti

Oddko | Giovanni Bucci
Gideon Obsidian
Mati Zelenko
Rob Romano
Zamra Dollskin
Ivan Powerr
Paola Rocchetti
Bruce D. Mitchell
Paul C. Miller
James Johnston
J.R. Morris
Mary Anne Butler
Winter Harte
Kadrina Queyquep
Andrew Stenbakken
Chris Burke
Liefia Ingalls
J.R. Morris
Mary Anne Butler
Winter Harte
Evan Ohl
Lizz Metcalf

Censorship is written and performed by Giovanni Bucci
Music arrangement: Daniele Marinelli, Rob Romano
Drums: Francesco Paoli
Bass: Dave Tavanti
Guitar: Giovanni Bucci, Rob Romano
Sound engineer: Rob Romano

Jared Butler and Neotropolis https://www.neotropolis.com

Metal Jesus, Matthew Jané, Zachary Madere, Skylar Woodies, Drew White, Christine Conger, Samantha Phipps, Drew White, Joshua David at Majesty Black, Mildred at Mother of London.