ODDKO “Black Bear Don’t care”

In ‘Black Bear Don’t Care,’ our video production embraces ODDKO’s concept of surreal, evolving journeys. Reflecting the track’s dream-inspired, non-linear narrative, we aimed to create a visual experience as open-ended and mind-bending as the music itself. It’s a visual exploration of the surreal, designed to complement and extend the listener’s imagination into an unpredictable and imaginative realm.

We harnessed Midjourney for creative concept and AI image generation. This involved crafting a plethora of stills, refined through extensive image blending, inpainting editing and color correction. Essential tools from Topaz Labs, aescripts + aeplugins, and Adobe suite were pivotal in realizing this immersive, surreal journey.

See galleries below for a selection of fun Midjourney outputs.

Bear and Washing Machine exploration



Produced by Void n’ Disorder

Giovanni Bucci
Director / Creative Director / Art Direction

Executive Producer: Giovanni Bucci, Paola Rocchetti
Cinematographer: Jacob Alvarado, Giovanni Bucci

Editor: Giovanni Bucci
Compositing / Animation: Giovanni Bucci, Alessio Petetti
Design + AI exploration/editing: Paola Rocchetti, Giovanni Bucci, Alessio Petetti
3D “Monster Eye” character design / animation: Ruslan Abbasov (Fresh Vision Show https://fvis.ru/)
Colorist: Giovanni Bucci

Costumes and Makeup: all cast wears their own creations
Makeup design and styling for ODDKO: Paola Rocchetti

ODDKO | Giovanni Bucci
Bear | Mati Zelenko
Bruce D. Mitchell
James Johnston
Samantha Phipps
Christine Conger
Cricket Mechsner
Paul C. Miller

Censorship is written and performed by Giovanni Bucci
Music arrangement: Daniele Marinelli, Rob Romano
Drums: Francesco Paoli
Bass: Dave Tavanti
Guitar: Giovanni Bucci, Rob Romano
Sound engineer: Rob Romano

Jared Butler and Neotropolis https://www.neotropolis.com

Massimo Pieroni at Laboratorio Pieroni, Joshua David at Majesty Black, Mildred at Mother of London.