ODDKO Premium Merch by Void N’ Disorder is made in LA with quality materials and a small sustainable production model.

What we believe in

We live in a world full of STUFF made with poor materials, made to last very little and to be replaced quickly, it’s the same for clothing, toys, electronics, etc. Cheap and fast, but that doesn’t lead to anything memorable. Also it’s not a sustainable way of living, it’s not a good mindset for the good of our planet. We do our best not to bow to the latest trends and to stand with our values and hope that this is portrayed in what we create.
Our apparel line is made from organic cotton, bamboo and hemp.
Prints are made on organic cotton sateen, with very little fabric waste.

This kind of production is not based on a fast and cheap model. We’re a small team and we have many ideas and plans for the future.
Your support and understanding means so much to us.



Void N’ Disorder produces all the merch for the music project ODDKO.
ODDKO MERCH is not entirely produced with 100% organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fabrics and is not entirely manufactured in USA.
Please check the DESCRIPTION for each product in the ODDKO MERCH category for full details.


If you have any suggestion and want to help giving us feedback please use the form in the CONTACT section.